VP75 – Additive Manufacturing System

From serial production to customer-specific solutions. Increase your profitability with the VP75 3D printer and operate your own additive manufacturing system.

VP75 - Additive Manufacturing System

ClogSense – Filament Monitoring

The ClogSense technology monitors your filament feed live during printing. If the filament transportation is compromised due a clogged nozzle, missing filament, or too low an extrusion temperature, the system will stop printing. This will help you detect errors and optimize your process.

VacuFlat – Quick-Release System

The VP75 comes with a vacuum quick release mechanism on the print table. This allows a variety of plates and foils to be used as a substrate. Print ABS, PC and many other materials on the continuous-use PEI sheet or use other materials on a special substrate, as the material requires, without coating or pretreatment. You also get minimal set-up time thanks to the quick-release system, which is particularly suitable for mass production.

ActuProbe – Print Table Calibration

The first layer determines the success and quality of the entire print. That’s why the system performs a fully automatic fine calibration at the beginning of each print. With this three-point measurement of the print bed, you can safely change the print substrate without manual configuration – regardless of materials and sheet thickness.

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    We recommend Polymaker Industrial Polycarbonate PC and PA filaments by default. You can also easily print many more materials with our machines. If you have a special material request, just contact us:

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    Optional Accessories


    Additional filament made of other materials and diameters


    Different nozzle sizes for more flexibility


    Print sheets for continuous operation


    Starter kit – get productive right from the beginning

    *when buying a machine

    Technical Specifications

    3D Printing Technology

    Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)


    Minimal layer thickness approx. 0.05 mm depending on nozzle size, printing material etc.


    Ø1.75 +/- 0.05 mm,


    Engineering plastics such as Polymaker Industrial PC & PA filaments and Kühling&Kühling brand filament, others on request; Break-away support structures made of model material

    Print Head

    High performance print head (up to 500°C, up to 100 g/h), Ø0.50 mm nozzle pre-installed;

    Build Volume

    Ø400×600 mm (75 liters), actively heated print environment up to 80°C

    Print Table

    VacuFlat – Quick-Release System; 1 continuous-use PEI sheet pre-installed, heated print bed up to 150°C

    User Interface

    Integrated 10″ touch screen

    Fully Automatic Calibration

    ActuProbe – Print Table Calibration

    Sensor Technology

    ClogSense – Filament Monitoring


    Slic3r pre-configured

    Data Transfer

    Ethernet 10/100, RJ45

    Power Supply

    230 V AC 16 A, compressed air 6-8 bar 80 l/min

    Dimensions & Weight

    Approx. 80x74x220 cm (BxTxH), approx. 250 kg


    12 months warranty incl., extendable via service contracts