3D Printing Service for Lasts

3D model – print – last. You hold the finished last in your hand within a short time. We print you a mold that you can easily fill in afterwards, for example with a PU rigid foam. That saves time and money. The last can also be excellent post-processed and nailed easily.

Implement a huge depth of production at your site and benefit from the related added value. Our order service enables you for a risk free and easily scalable entry into the additive manufacturing world of orthopaedic products and keeps your seamless transition to a full in-house production open anytime.

Our “Leitfaden Datenformat” and “Leitfaden Konstruktion” are supporting you preparing the necessary 3D data for your order.

Compatible with



High-impact polycarbonate, colour white, high temperature resistance (112°C permanent, 130°C temporary), excellent post-production characteristic (sawing, sanding, coating, glueing), REACH compliant

Wall Thickness

2.00 mm

Maximal Part Size

Ø400 mm, height 600 mm

Post Treatment

After completion, every part produced via our 3D printing service is tempered by default. This thermal treatment further increases the resilience of the plastic.

    Please upload your 3D model in STL format and complete the required information. Each order is checked manually before execution. If there are any questions about your model data, we will contact you immediately. All patient information is subject to our privacy policy and will be treated confidentially.

    3D Model Data

    STL, max. 50 MB

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