Project Lapuna

Project Lapuna is our in-house R&D initiative to explore novel additive manufacturing approaches.


Additive processing of liquid materials (especially soft elastomers like silicones, shore A 20-40)

Wax-based support deposition technology for liquid model materials

Radical rethinking of multi tool head 3D printing and hybrid manufacturing


Stage 1

Research and process validation

Stage 2

Development of base technologies and tool head designs

Stage 3

Dual head implementation

Stage 4

Testing and evaluation with industry partners

Stage 5

Launch of 3D printing service for silicones

Stage 6

Merging of gathered knowledge into new product development

Application scenarios for 3D printing with silicones

Moulded seals, flange and profile gaskets for prototyping, one-off parts and small batch production

Individual solutions for patients in need of prosthetics or epithetics

Applications for medical technology

High temperatur applications, moulded hoses and pipes

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