HT500.3 – Professional 3D Printer

Optimal processing of engineering plastics – for resilient functional components and prototypes. With the HT500.3 you can print technical plastics uncompromisingly under the optimum process conditions for dimensionally stable and maximum load-bearing components. Our open system also offers you maximum flexibility.

Dual Extruder

The HT500.3 offers more flexibility during the printing process with its two nozzles on the print head. With two different materials, the HT500.3 can print soluble support material for even higher surface quality. Or you can print with different nozzle diameters and the same material, so you can reduce the printing time depending on the component area. By default, the HT500.3 comes with stainless steel unibody nozzles. Both nozzles can be heated up to 500°C.

Open Source Technology

You would like to adapt hardware or software to special needs? Change every operating parameter you can imagine – speed, temperatures, resolution. The HT500.3 processes standard filaments in Ø1.75 mm. Choose from the wide variety of compatible materials.

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    Optional Accessories


    Additional filament made of other materials and diameters


    Other nozzle sizes for more flexibility


    Build plates for continuous operation


    Starter package, for your direct start in productivity

    *when buying a machine

    Technical Specifications

    3D Printing Technology

    Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)


    Minimal layer thickness approx. 0.05 mm depending on nozzle size, printing material etc.


    Ø1.75 +/- 0.05 mm

    Model material

    ABS, PC, HIPS, PET(G), PVA, PLA, TPEs, igus Tribo filaments, PA6/66, PA12 and many other materials

    Support material

    Soluble support material available for ABS, PET(G), PLA, PLA-/PETG-based composites; Break-away support material available for all model materials

    Print Head

    Two high-temperature printheads (up to 500°C), stainless steel unibody nozzles, one nozzle tip Ø0.35 mm and Ø0.50 mm pre-installed; print head cleaning system for optimal multi material print results

    Print Table

    Interchangeable, maintenance-free high-performance permanent build plates, et al compatible with ABS, PC, PETG, HIPS, PVA, PLA, TPU and more without pre-treatment/coating/gluing, pre-installed with a continuous-use plate with PEI coating, heated print bed up to 130°C

    Build Volume

    200x180x290 mm (BxTxH, 10,44 Liter), actively heated print environment up to 70°C


    Watercooled stepper motors, print heads and LED lighting

    User Interface

    Integrated 10″ touch screen

    Automatic Calibration

    Via user interface


    Slic3r pre-configured

    Data Transfer

    Ethernet 10/100, RJ45

    Power supply

    100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 1000 W max.

    Dimensions and Weight

    Approx. 60x80x80 cm (BxTxH), approx. 49 kg


    12 month warranty incl., extendable with service contracts