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Kühling&Kühling focuses on Open Source Hardware development and manufacturing, running its own manufacturing facility in Kiel, Germany. While incorporating high quality craftmanship for assembly and quality management, we make extensive use of Direct Digital Manufacturing technology for building our products. Wherever possible we choose digital processes like Additive Manufacturing/3D printing for producing fully functional parts in series to be assembled into our products, as well as lasercutting or CNC routing. The entire manufacturing process is highly digitized with full paperless control and task and warehouse management, all this keeps Kühling&Kühling extraordinarily scaleable to quickly grow along rising demands.

Our most popular and important products are the professional Kühling&Kühling 3D printers, introduced early 2013 and being manufactured in series since November 2013.

Entirely committed to Open Source development for both soft- and hardware, we are living a communicative and open business philosophie setting great value on customer support and comprehensive documentation.